Ever used the shower and came out with the mirror fogged? Many people have the same problem. The reason for this is condensation. Condensation is formed on the mirror after the shower is used because the mirror is cooler then the air around it. Therefore the water from the air collects on the mirrors surface creating fog. After a shower people may want to use the mirror to shave, do their hair, put on make up, or just do a final check before they leave for work or that important date. So people had to wipe the mirror or turn on the fan and wait. Now you do not have to do this no more. The SUMU mirror defogger is the perfect solution for this now.

The SUMU mirror defogger is an electrical bathroom mirror defogger that works behind the scene. This product can be easily installed behind any mirror to keep it fog free and clear whenever you use the bathroom. The SUMU mirror defogger is only 0.4mm (0.0156”) thick and can be wired to either the bathroom light, exhaust fan or a separate switch. When you flip the switch, the defogger will begin to work clearing the mirror of fog almost instantly.

This product has been used and tested for more then 25 years in commercial environments. The quality is by far the best, backed by a 5 year replacement warranty against any defects.

The SUMU mirror defogger will instantly add a sense of class and luxury to any bathroom .

In case the mirror is accidentally broken, the SUMU mirror defogger will also keep much of the glass together helping to make it safer around your loved ones.

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